Tell BP: Clean Up Your Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast!

                    You made the mess, BP, now please clean it up. The Deepwater Horizon spill was the largest offshore oil spill in United States history, killing and maiming hundreds of animals and ravaging the environment. Without BP’s gross negligence, this disaster would have never happened – […]


Research Says: The Paleo Diet is a Big, Fat Lie

The fitness “gurus” may sound convincing, but the notion th at getting back to our caveman roots at the dinner table is healthy — or even possible –just doesn’t hold up when you look at the facts. To the contrary, the latest research shows that our paleolithic ancestors’ diet probably looked very little like what […]


Christians Against Dinosaurs: Is This For Real?

Fossil records be damned, Christians Against Dinosaurs will not rest until the dinosaur “hoax” has been exposed and debunked. Armed with ill-conceived evidence that the scientific community is tricking our children, they’ve put together what may be the least compelling arguments against the existence of dinosaurs that I’ve ever seen. The idiocy begs the question: […]


Watch: Loggers Fell a Tree While Mother and Baby Koala Cling for Their Lives

Koalas are dying off in Australia, and logging companies like this are making matters worse. In the video below, a mother and baby koala cling to a blue gum tree as loggers tear it down mercilessly. The mother survived, but nobody knows what happened to the baby. When the woman behind the camera tried to check […]


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The Doritos Ad You WON’T See During the Super Bowl

Here’s one commercial the bigwigs at Doritos would like to stay hidden. Why? Because it shows the true roots of this tangy snack chip – or rather, the lack of roots, as the once-lush rainforest has been flattened to barren wasteland in the rush to harvest palm oil used in the product. The faux ad […]

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Watch: How NFL Players REALLY Feel About Domestic Violence

The NFL has taken serious heat lately for perpetuating a culture of domestic violence, and their seemingly lenient attitude toward abuse of women certainly begs for scrutiny. But when you see this video…just, wow. You realize that they aren’t all a bunch of lunkheads, after all. The emotion is so genuine, I only wonder what […]

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Watch: A Robot Baby Penguin Chills with the Real Emperors in Antarctica

This fuzzy robot chick-on-wheels joins a real penguin crew, and seems to fit right in with the other baby penguins. The stuffed-animal rover may look funny, but it helps scientists study penguins’ behavior without stressing them out (giant humans easily frighten the shy birds). The penguins have accepted the robot into their circle, and TakePart reports that […]

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Image: Immigrants sworn in

Do You Know When God was REALLY Added to the Pledge of Allegiance?

Need further proof that the “restore America” crowd has their heads in an alternate universe? When zealots talk about returning to our Christian values, they often know not of what they speak. Cases in point – None of these presidents were in power – nor even alive anymore – when the word “god” was in the pledge. […]

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The Dirty Truth About Egg Labels that You Need to Know About

At even the barest grocery store, you probably have a choice between standard or cage-free eggs; at Whole Foods, you’re looking at enough options to make you dizzy. But you can’t count on label-reading to tell you how those egg-laying hens were really treated – Big Ag is way too crafty for that. That’s why you […]