This bacteria eats only energy.

This Baffling Life Form Eats Only Electricity (Must-See Video)

Vegans and vegetarians (like me) may save animals, but we’ve got nothing on this odd little life form in terms of cruelty-free living. This type of bacteria subsists on pure electricity — so it doesn’t kill a thing to eat, not even a plant or fungus. Obviously, humans can’t survive without killing something, no matter how […]

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The Difference Between Cat and Dog Owners – Graphic

As someone who’s lived with dogs for the first half of my life and cats for the second, I see myself on both sides of this equation. So I’ll take that cat-person’s intelligence AND the dog-person’s athleticism, thank you very much. In all seriousness, the research does come from some credible sources. So while I […]


L. Ron Hubbard’s Great-Grandson Dishes the Dirt on Scientology – Video

Calling his great-grandpa “a shepherd who enslaved his own flock,” L. Ron Hubbard descendent Jamie DeWolf gives his own up-close version of the Scientology debacle — and while the truth may be ugly, his words are pure poetry. Yes, it actually turns out Jamie is an award-winning spoken-word performer as well as a harsh critic of […]

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This Brave Mother Giraffe Defends Her Baby From An Entire Pride of Lions – Video

Never underestimate the power of motherhood. In this you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it video, a mother giraffe fends off an entire pride of lions as they approach her and her gangly offspring. The footage comes from Bill and Barbara Westbrook, and was shot on their seventh visit to Kicheche, a camp on a Kenyan reserve. Barbara said that the interaction […]

Jar Jar is more popular than Congress

Survey Says: Congress Less Popular than Most-Hated Star Wars Character of All Time

Meesa thinks we have a problem. By the numbers, Congress now ranks below Jar Jar Binks — the least-liked Star Wars character ever — in popularity. In the name of accuracy, the two weren’t actually compared in the same study. But as the Huffington Post reports, a survey by FiveThirtyEight showed Mr. Binks to have a […]


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Don't let Monsanto sue Vermont.

Monsanto is Suing Vermont to Fight GMO Labeling – Sign This Petition to Stop Them!

Vermont is doing what all states should: requiring labeling for GMO foods. But Big Agriculture doesn’t want that — so Monsanto is preparing to sue the state, claiming the requirement is a violation of their free speech. Yes, somehow they believe they have a constitutional right to withhold information from the public. This is an important case, […]

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Mcdonald's fries

McDonald’s Latest – GMO Potatoes?

If the pink slime and the duck-feather-laced apple pies of Mickey D’s aren’t enough to keep you away from the fast-food chain for good, this just might do it: McDonald’s is poised to use genetically modified potatoes in their french fries, and you can bet it won’t be mentioned on the menu. Anti-GMO groups are […]

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This is Your Body on Weed – Video

Why is this illegal again? For those who still have doubts about marijuana as a medical treatment, this video should help set the record straight. And even if it had no medical use, there’s still no valid reason to outlaw the non-toxic plant. What a waste of energy and funds. Explore more visuals like this […]

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A donkey carries solar power

Yes, Donkey-Powered Internet is a Real Thing (And Why I Wish it Weren’t)

Just when I thought humans had exhausted every possible form of animal exploitation, along comes something too bizarre to dream up. In Turkey, one company is turning donkeys into roaming power stations for rural herdsmen to juice up their laptops and go online. In this video, you’ll see a weary-looking donkey lugging around a power pack topped with […]

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