Did You Know You’ve Probably Eaten Beaver Butt Goo?

There may never be a stronger case for truth in food labelling than this.  You know those mysterious “natural flavors” listed at the end of the ingredients list? For many pastries, cookies and candies with vanilla flavoring, one of those flavors is castoreum, an anal secretion beavers excrete to mark their territory. Diluted in alcohol, it’s a […]


Study: You Share More Genes with Yeast than You Think

Forget human-robot hybrids. Human-yeast hybrids can do so much more, and they’re now more science than fiction. Before you start fantasizing about a doughy blob taking over the housecleaning — or the world — chew on this: New scientific evidence shows that humans and yeast share a lot more genetically than you might imagine. And […]

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Study: The Government Cares “Near Zero” About What You Think

From Princeton comes even more proof that America is not a democracy. In fact, your opinion has “near zero” weight when it comes to public policy – unless you’re part of the top 10-percent, that is. The rich spend billions of dollars making sure their paid lobbyists talk congress into passing laws that make them […]

NRA Elephant Controversy

Why the NRA is Secretly Backing an Elephant ‘Conservation’ Group

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that hunting animals vulnerable to extinction is the opposite of saving them. But the National Rifle Association wants us to believe otherwise. The organization has recently tried to pass itself off as an ally to elephant lovers everywhere, valiantly fighting for the survival of these gentle giants. […]



Study: Pollution May be Shrinking Your Brain

Is pollution damaging your brain? The latest research shows a scary link between high levels of air pollution and a reduction in brain size. Yes, your brain may be shrinking because of the air you’re breathing. This comes from a study conducted on 943 patients, published the May 2015 issue of Stroke. “On average participants who lived in more […]

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Watch: What Little Boys Think it Means to be a REAL Man

If anyone needs proof that gender stereotyping affects boys and girls, here you go. In this video from the Hatch Workshop, boys talk about what they think it means to be a man – and say things like “man up…means unemotionally go through it” and “that’s a man wearing the pants, so that shows men […]

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Graphic: What We Now Know About the BP Oil Spill

Five years later, the National Resources Defense Council’s magazine (onEarth) has released this infographic of the BP oil spill’s impact on the gulf. It’s awful for the environment and the animals  – if this isn’t a message to stop the drilling, I don’t know what is.

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Activism Worked! An Anti-Whistleblower Bill, Defeated

It’s not often that I get to post a happy update, so this is pretty special. If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know that the Arkansas House proposed a bill to block audio recording in the workplace. That’s not just bad news for employees needing evidence of discrimination, harassment or safety hazards – It would spell […]

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Abercrombie to Start Hiring Ugly People

Abercrombie & Fitch has a big announcement about their hiring policy: Ugly people are now allowed. Are we supposed to be clapping right now? Their previous policy of only hiring attractive workers – calling them “models” rather than staff to skirt discrimination laws – was insidious, but so are their apparent motives for now allowing mere ordinary people […]

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Sign the Petition to Stop Cruelty to Rabbits

  Last Chance for Animals has just revealed an undercover investigation into brutal cruelty at America’s largest rabbit slaughterhouse, the Pel Freez plant in Arkansas, where rabbits are killed for meat and for medical research. These poor animals are hit in the forehead with a knife, then their legs are broken, and they’re hung upside-down […]