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Why Black Cats Really DO Have “Bad Luck”

OK, so it’s less about luck than prejudice. But like humans, darker cats often have a harder time in life than their white counterparts, as you can see in the HuffPo graphic below. I love my own two raven-furred felines to pieces, so this kind of breaks my heart – but kudos to the crafty Nevada […]


Yes, ‘Sexy Ebola Nurse’ Halloween Costumes Are Real (Pics)

There’s nothing wrong with owning your sexuality, but must EVERY woman’s costume on the market be a “sexy this” or “sexy that?” Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather not imagine whatever sexy time may go on in the Ebola quarantine room (which is hopefully none). But not everyone thinks like I do, which is […]


How Small Farmers Took On – And Beat – Monsanto

Between Ebola, Isis and crop-killing drought, there’s enough bad news piled up to last a few lifetimes. So now, a cheery story. In a victory for small farmers and a blow to Big Ag, the Guatemalan judiciary suspended the Plant Variety Protection Law, otherwise known as the “Monsanto law.” Had the act kicked in as scheduled, transgenic seeds would […]


How the NFL is Royally Screwing American Taxpayers

Did you know the NFL is a nonprofit organization? So the same league that can afford to pay commissioner Roger Goodell a ridiculous $44 million per year doesn’t pay one cent of federal tax. But that nauseating fact, my friends, is not what this post is about – because it gets much, much worse. Where the NLF really sticks […]



This Newly Approved Pesticide Spells Doom for the Monarch Butterfly

Does EPA really still stand for “Environmental Protection Agency?” From fracking-contaminated drinking water to unchecked air pollution at coal plants, protecting the planet doesn’t seem like the highest priority over there these days. And now that the EPA has approved a powerful new pesticide to help GMO crops survive,  monarch butterflies are more imperiled than ever – and […]

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This Woman Was Gunned Down for Not Giving Out Her Number

Every woman — no matter what their size, color or facial features — knows what it’s like to be approached by a stranger demanding attention. And at that moment, the instinctual thought usually is, “how do I get out of this?” But no matter how awkward, demeaning or even scary that moment may be, I’ve never expected […]

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Chimps and Humans Played a Strategy Game – Guess Who Won?

I know we humans rule the planet and all, but I kind of love it when the animal wins sometimes. Reminds us that we aren’t necessarily the model for all other creatures to be measured by (which some people, unfortunately, staunchly believe). So I was pleasantly amused to learn that when chimpanzees played adult humans in […]

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New Ad: GOP to Blame for the Ebola Outbreak

This ad makes a point begging to be heard: As conservatives fearmonger their way across TV news channels (“stop all flights from West Africa!”), the reality is that the party’s own budget cuts have crippled the nation’s ability to fight back against ebola and other deadly diseases. In fact, NIH head Dr. Francis Collins said we would probably already have an ebola vaccine if not for […]

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Jon Stewart Schools Fox News: Worry About Climate Change, not Ebola

Nothing breaks it down quite like The Daily Show, and this clip is at the pinnacle of Stewart-served brilliance. While the plastic heads at Faux News yammer on about “Ebola, on the backs of Isis” taking us all down, Jon reminds them of what is actually killing/could likely kill millions of Americans: unhealthy food, guns […]

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This Fireman Saved a Hamster Family by Making a Tiny Oxygen Mask

I hope someone gives this man an award. Talk about respecting life — Washington fireman Eric Bamer went out of his way to save a family of hamsters from smoke inhalation. Trapped in a house fire, the five critters were passed out by the time firefighters could rescue them from the burning building. Obviously, no […]