These Are The World’s Worst Places to be Gay

While I normally encourage people to live true to themselves, in some countries you need to stay in the closet if you want to live at all. As this graphic shows, homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment or death in a disturbingly large portion of the world. (I just wish the two weren’t lumped in the same […]

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Watch the Rare Platypus Sighting that Took 7 Years to Catch

How strange is the platypus? So odd that the first scientists to ever see one thought someone was pulling a hoax. The web-footed mammals are also so shy that documentarian Max Moller tracked them for seven years in Tasmania without gathering enough footage for a single decent video. Then finally last month, a platypus came out for […]

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Watch a Feather and a Bowling Ball Fall at the Exact Same Speed

If you’re like me, you had a hard time believing your seventh-grade physical science teacher when he told you that, without air resistance, a feather and a bowling ball would fall from an airplane to the Earth at exactly the same speed. While I eventually accepted this as truth, I never thought I would actually […]


Climate Change is ‘Baloney,’ Says Founder of the Weather Channel

I thought it was bad enough that the Senate environmental committee’s next leader wrote a book about climate change called The Greatest Hoax (and once likened the EPA to the Gestapo). But now, here comes another crusty conservative “expert” to spit on the mounds of scientific evidence that surrounds him. John Coleman, a retired weather forecaster […]



Tell Bank of America: Don’t Fund Demolition of the Great Barrier Reef

Big Coal wants to build one of the world’s biggest coal ports smack in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef (yes, you read that right). It’s one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, and home to endangered animals like the sea turtle. If mega-corporation Adani has its way, three million cubic meters of irreplaceable […]

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Yes, ‘Sexy Ebola Nurse’ Halloween Costumes Are Real (Pics)

There’s nothing wrong with owning your sexuality, but must EVERY woman’s costume on the market be a “sexy this” or “sexy that?” Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather not imagine whatever sexy time may go on in the Ebola quarantine room (which is hopefully none). But not everyone thinks like I do, which is […]

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Study: Smoking Pot Won’t Make Kids Grow Up Stupid

You may not have been able to hear it, but a huge sigh of relief just happened over here. Apparently, smoking pot as a teen won’t stunt your intellectual development. In fact, it probably won’t rob you of a single IQ point, according to the latest research from the University College of London. The study looked […]

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New Ad: GOP to Blame for the Ebola Outbreak

This ad makes a point begging to be heard: As conservatives fearmonger their way across TV news channels (“stop all flights from West Africa!”), the reality is that the party’s own budget cuts have crippled the nation’s ability to fight back against ebola and other deadly diseases. In fact, NIH head Dr. Francis Collins said we would probably already have an ebola vaccine if not for […]

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Watch: A Lone Porcupine Fends Off 17 Lions

I usually root for the little guy, and this porcupine more than qualifies. Confronted by a pride of 17 lions on the African savannah, luck did not seem to be shining on this spiny critter the evening this video was shot. But with some seriously deft maneuvers, the porcupine amazingly manages to save his thorny […]

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Why Black Cats Really DO Have “Bad Luck”

OK, so it’s less about luck than prejudice. But like humans, darker cats often have a harder time in life than their white counterparts, as you can see in the HuffPo graphic below. I love my own two raven-furred felines to pieces, so this kind of breaks my heart – but kudos to the crafty Nevada […]