Jon Stewart is Opening a Farm Sanctuary

Could Jon Stewart get any more awesome? Here I was, devastated by the looming end of  The Daily Show, when he springs some news that (almost) makes it all better again. It seems he and wife Tracey have bought a farm that will act as a sanctuary for rescued farm animals. Tracey Stewart may have […]


Why 1.5 Million Black Men Are ‘Missing’ in the United States

There’s a reason Baltimore is rioting – and Freddie Gray is just the beginning. If the numbers are any indication, African-American lives really are treated as more “disposable” than the lives of Whites; in fact, one of every six Black men aged 25 to 54 has disappeared from daily life in the U.S. That’s about […]


Why Johns Hopkins Students Just Banned Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A may have thousands of “restaurants” (using the term loosely) across the globe, but there’s one place they are not welcome – Johns Hopkins University. Last week, the student government took a stand against the company by voting against any branch of the chain opening there in the future.  In the resolution, the students said […]

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Graphic: What We Now Know About the BP Oil Spill

Five years later, the National Resources Defense Council’s magazine (onEarth) has released this infographic of the BP oil spill’s impact on the gulf. It’s awful for the environment and the animals  – if this isn’t a message to stop the drilling, I don’t know what is. Share this post


Sign to Get Nutrition in Schools, and Junk Food Lobbyists Out

Brace yourself: Just when you thought you’d had enough with Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Ag, here comes Big Junk Food to further skew Washington toward corporate interests. And this time, it’s at the expense of our children’s health. As a recent Reuters article put it, “In the political arena, one side is winning […]



Tell BP: Clean Up Your Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast!

                    You made the mess, BP, now please clean it up. The Deepwater Horizon spill was the largest offshore oil spill in United States history, killing and maiming hundreds of animals and ravaging the environment. Without BP’s gross negligence, this disaster would have never happened – […]

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Watch: The Myth of the American Dream, Explained with Legos

What’s your chance of striking it rich in America? Brookings Fellow Richard Reeves will tell you — using Legos. Colorful toys aside, the message here is pretty grim. If you’re born poor – particularly if you aren’t White – the American dream is probably out of grasp. “We have a big problem,” says Reeves, ” […]

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New Study: Why Zebras REALLY Have Stripes

“Why do zebras have stripes?” is more than just the lead-in to a corny punchline – it’s a question that’s perplexed us, well, probably since the first human ever laid eyes on one of these fascinating cousins to the horse (and did you know that each zebra’s stripe pattern is as unique as a fingerprint?). […]

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Activism Worked! An Anti-Whistleblower Bill, Defeated

It’s not often that I get to post a happy update, so this is pretty special. If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know that the Arkansas House proposed a bill to block audio recording in the workplace. That’s not just bad news for employees needing evidence of discrimination, harassment or safety hazards – It would spell […]

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The Calculator is Here! See How Many Animals You Save When You Don’t Eat Meat

Whether you observe the occasional Meatless Monday or haven’t let flesh pass your lips for decades, it’s hard not to wonder exactly how many lives you’ve spared by opting for plant-based meals. And now, thanks to the Vegetarian Calculator, you can get an answer. Yes, it’s a rough estimate (it takes a lot of chickens to reach […]